AESG, Inc. (Automation Equipment Services Group) now offers sophisticated robotic expertise to industries that are capitalizing on the efficiencies of automation in manufacturing. The company has expanding their robotic repair services to the packaging, pharmaceuticals, food processing and laboratory automation industries. AESG has traditionally furnished repair, maintenance, refurbishing and technical support services to customers in the semiconductor industry.

This initiative brings our significant experience and skill in the semiconductor industry to bear on packaging, pharmaceuticals, food processing and laboratory automation industries as they begin to utilize automation principals developed in semiconductor clean rooms. We now service mini-environments, high vacuum systems, laser systems, optical measurement systems, computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems and programmable logic controllers (PLC) used in various manufacturing applications.

Company CEO Frank Vanella says, “We’re so pleased about this expansion of our service. So many different types of businesses are now making use of these technologies and solving automation problems with robots, pre-aligners and controllers. This is the core of our expertise.” Vanella continued, “AESG has continually exceeded customer expectations with guaranteed turn-around times, highly competitive prices, and a commitment to quality in every process. That will not change.”

Repairing and refurbishing older equipment is a smart alternative to equipment replacement in economically difficult times. For specifics on the company’s complete line of services, please visit