AESG, Inc. will move to a new 3600 sq ft facility at Lynnhaven Commerce Park in Virginia Beach on April 1, 2009. The move to Suite 103 in the building at 423 S. Lynnhaven Road is being made in conjunction with the company’s recent announcement that they are expanding their robotics and automation repair business beyond the semiconductor industry.
The large new facility features a more open design. The interior has been designed to make the most efficient use of the space. From the reception area as you enter to the new loading dock, every detail has been planned and organized with the goal of serving customers quickly.

AESG, Inc. CEO Frank Vanella says he has chosen to expand at this time because “repaired or refurbished robotic and automation systems simply make economic sense right now. This can really save people money”

With automation being used more and more in so many mission critical applications, in manufacturing and processing or even medical testing, Vanella stresses the need for quick service. AESG wants to maintain and even improve their reputation for rapid turn around.

The new repair shop will offer a better flow on the production line. The new separate pick up/delivery area will make for easier shipping. The larger space will allow AESG to have a more extensive parts inventory on hand for quicker repairs.

Although the address is changing all contact phone numbers will remain the same.