Frank here!

People ask me all the time, “why are you in Virginia Beach, Virginia”?

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple because it satisfied my needs for my family and my business. It is complicated because finding a place to live that can serve my industry and has a talent pool I can recruit from, are somewhat limited. Is the Semiconductor Business big in Virginia Beach? The simple answer is no. However, we are centrally located to several fabs in the surrounding area, including broader Virginia and North Carolina, and we are adjacent to transportation hubs.

When I started AESG, I was living in a suburb of Boston, MA. Since the Wafer Handling Robots that we service for the Semiconductor Industry can be shipped to us easily, I realized that I could relocate just about anywhere in the US. My wife indicated that she wanted to live somewhere warmer and near the water. Since we were both born and raised in California, the novelty of shoveling snow had worn off. Someone suggested we check out Virginia Beach.

My wife came here first for a house hunting trip in January of 2005 while I stayed behind checking out the area online and contacting an organization called the Hampton Road Technology Council a small business incubator. While I was furiously doing my due diligence, crossing t’s and dotting i’s, my wife had fallen in love with the area. She visualizes better than I, has this amazing appreciation of people and life, so that by the first week in February we had moved to Virginia Beach.

What I haven’t shared yet is perhaps one of the most important business reasons for choosing Virginia Beach. The Hampton Roads area as it has been known since before the Civil War is home to several Naval bases, an Air Force Base, and two Army bases. There are literally hundreds of veterans separating from the Service here every year and most of them are highly trained, disciplined and with an excellent work ethic.

Over the years I have been privileged to assemble a fantastic team of men and women veterans who have made AESG what it is today. I am blessed to have such a team. Oh! And the beach is nice, too.

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